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Based to the research of markets, business of structured cabling is going to ascend worth of USD13.13 Billion by 2020 while in 2014 it was just USD7.72 Billion.

The well organized cable network that implements a swift and reliable IT & communication network carrying infrastructural abilities to each corner of the building. Everything like telephone lines, CCTV services, business mail, cloud solutions, server backup, CRM and wireless solutions are connected through cable web and Ottomans International is prominent as one of the best IT infrastructure companies in Dubai as we keep ourselves updated to the latest basic frameworks and intend to update it with onto an existing structure done by the experts based to annual maintenance contract with financial institutions.

A good quality cabling done by us results in better network throughput and fewer transmission error, this results in considerable return on investment. The uniform structural design and simplifying the web of cables with consistent documentation based to set of standards (e.g. TIA / EIA Standard Commercial Building Telecommunications Standard wires) makes us one of the top IT companies in Dubai.

The benefits of structured cabling

  • Structured cabling is far more organized than point to point cabling
  • Switches are easier to manage in multi-cables structure
  • Tracing of ports and cables is efficient and simple
  • We do better cabling and reduce the downtime making structure less prone to human error.

Our expertise

We are expert in subsystems of structure cabling like horizontal cabling, backbone cabling, work area, telecommunications rooms and Equipment rooms etc.