OIT is able to provide independent advice and assistance regardless the design, architecting, integration and management of any ICT based solution. This can be based on an ad hoc basis such as participation in a workshop or via a structured engagement where the scope and deliverables are clearly defined. We work with most major OEM’s who individually provide specific skills and experience but are limited by their own products and technologies. OIT has consistently followed a non-single vendor best-in-class and best-of-breed policy that provides a more unbiased and balanced view on what technology solution is most appropriate.

OIT has over 8 Years of front line experience in the Middle East, of architecting, integrating and maintaining technology solutions to address the opportunities and threats that present themselves to all types of organizations. Our customers include central and local government, utilities, international, regional, and local enterprises, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. By working jointly on problem definition and opportunity sizing we have developed and refined our approach to work with our customers in an effective way.

At Ottomans International Technologies, we are committed to service before and after sales of our products and solutions.
It is our endeavor to create a culture of Total Quality where continuous improvement of our people, our processes and our products become a way of life.

We constantly update our system to utilize state of the art technology available to achieve our goals. Apart from educating our staff on the emerging technologies, we also keep our customers updated on the latest technologies to improve their business environment, which is the core part of our business.