Business solution is one that contains all products and services in one delivery that meets a specific function or provides one solution or system to solve multiple problems. Organizations have to stand up to the constant demands of reinventing or reengineering current business processes for the success of their business.

OIT, with its expertise in Document Management Solutions and Business Process Automation Solutions aims to equip the customer with a business solution that can add value to their performance and keep them ahead of their competitors in the market.

While the analysis and definition of business requirements has become quite stable, many organizations struggle with the challenges of how to use the results of analysis as a tangible guide to design business solutions. OIT, with its expert team of consultants aims to take over this challenge through the following strategy:

  • Consider the impact of multiple, simultaneous solutions to a business problem.
  • Identify the assumptions of a total, system-wide solution.
  • Identify which business processes and data will be automated.
  • Identify which business processes and data will be performed manually.
  • Declare the technologies that will be used to create the business solutions.
  • Identify the location for interfaces between the manual and automated components
  • Identify the type and characteristics of each interface.
  • Identify the targets for further detailed software design.