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Integration of top-notch business software application is OIT's forte. The company realized very early that the changing times demand ‘Smart Thinking and Intelligent Actions’ and began to follow this approach moving into development of path-breaking software solutions to change the direction of businesses. OIT offers business software solutions that help organizations record micro information with ease.

OIT's software division is focused on integrating applications with the existing ERP system of customers to seamlessly monitor staff performance, track telephone usage by the employees, staff login and log-off times, employee details, finances and more in a user-friendly manner. OIT sincerely works towards improving and uplifting the existing business work process of customers. This mission is fully backed by the highly talented and professional team of engineers and designers who understand the core intentions behind this mission.

Leading Web Solutions Provider: Web solutions refer to the tailored/customized applications provided to simply the work process. It is highly recommended to be in pace with the technology as future of any organization depends on technology. OIT is a one stop solution when it comes to website development, domain and hosting services and online business.

OIT offers solutions which help our clients gain a competitive edge over others with easy automation and centralization. We mainly focus on Hosting services, Content management system and E-commerce solutions to help clients achieve their business goals on the web.

Why choose us as a Web Solution Provider?

  • More than 8 years of industry experience
  • Affordable for all without compromising on quality
  • Minimum downtime in case if any issues
  • Excellent pre sales, implementation and maintenance services


With an incredible increase in the network traffic and the need for systematic management of network connections, enterprises shifted to Wireless LAN Solutions in the UAE. OIT offers secured access to network resources and applications to help organizations increase productivity and responsiveness. Convenience, Mobility, High Productivity, Expandability, Reduced Cost and Easy Deployment are the major factors that give wireless solutions a competitive advantage over wired connectivity. We make sure that all our clients stay connected with their businesses – Anytime and Anywhere. Our expert team of engineers can customize the solutions as per your specific requirements regardless of your organizations size. We set the highest standards of security which ensures that only authorized personnel can access the systems in the network. We add profitability and efficient to your daily operations and make your space a better place to work at. Benefits of Wireless LAN Solutions

  • Convenience

    Users can access network from any location with existing networking environment.

  • Productivity:

    A high level productivity can be achieved if users can accomplish their tasks from any given location.

  • Mobility

    Connect users to the Internet even outside the network.

  • Deployment

    Wireless Networks doesn’t involve additional costs and complexity

  • Cost

    Life-cycle expenses and overall costs will be lower than wired LAN hardware.

  • Expandability

    Configuration and range in Wireless Networks can be conveniently changed for limited number of users to full infrastructure network with thousands of users.